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Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Thursday, September 3, 2009 11:17am

The other day I received an email about an error a user was experiencing, I wanted to see a screen shot and started to write an email detailing the steps required to capture and email me a screenshot when I suddenly realized “Wow, for how helpful screenshots are, this is sure an overly complex process”.  Some Googling turned up just what I was looking for and it is free and does not require installation …


Screenshot-by-Email allows a screenshot to be taken and attached to an outgoing email, all in one step.  You can right click the tray icon or use a hotkey sequence (thankfully it does not steal PRT SCR hotkeys.).  It creates a BMP screenshot, zips it and attaches it to an outgoing email for you.  Now that’s handy.


The webpage says it does not require installation, but it does appear that you need to do at least one installation to get the main EXE out of the setup file.

For those of you using webmail, I tested it with Affixa ( which fully integrates webmail into your desktop so that any email oriented programs like Screenshot-by-Email work seamlessly.

I did find one relatively small downside.  The program Zips the BMPs it generates.  You can turn off Zipping if you wish the recipient to not have to do a two stage process to view the file (or want email previews to work), however on a test I found that 93Kb zipped screenshot became a 6.8 MB BMP.  It would be very nice if the program natively supported PNG.

It is free for personal use and $99 for a site license if you wish to use it corporate wide.

Check it out at


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