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Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Monday, June 14, 2010 1:00am

Ever wonder exactly what Windows prefetch is pre-loading with your request to load an application?  Now you can use this handy utility to find out.

Windows prefetch was introduced with Windows XP.  Essentially Windows tracks which files a EXE requests when starting up and does not wait for it to ask, but loads them immediately.  Many of these files are DLLs that are specified in the Import Address Table (IAT) of the EXE and the initial DLLs it loads (this is covered in our Foundations class).

WinPrefetchView is a new utility from Nirsoft.net that lets you look at .PF files and see which files will be prefeteched when a given EXE is loaded.

Screenshot - 6_10_2010 , 5_53_32 PM

There’s one catch to watch out for, if you run it without elevating it on Windows 7 – you will see nothing and will not get a warning – so be sure to right click and select “Run as administrator”

Click here to get a copy of this utility here.


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