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Training Updates and Additions
Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Thursday, December 8, 2011 12:19pm

I am excited to announce that we have a new bootcamp week and would like to explain a little about how it works.

We have two existing tracks (ENG-51 and ENG-52) that each consist of the 2 Day course "CSI-300 How Applications Work on Windows 7" plus an additional one-day course.  We've added one more one day add-on option.  

"CSI-300 How Applications Work on Windows 7" is paired together with "CSI-350 Testing and Troubleshooting Applications" to create the new track "ENG-53 Window 7 Application Troubleshooting Engineer"

In addition, if you take CSI-300 will all three add-on days, the track is called "ENG-55 Windows 7 Application Provisioning Engineer"

So four different tracks are possible within 5 days of training.  When we offer the full set in a given week it will be called the Windows 7 Application Readiness Bootcamp.

When the bootcamp is schedule, you may signup for one track, two tracks or the entire week.

We've worked out graphic here to help understand how it works - if you simply hover over any of the track numbers below the graphic, the included days will be indicated:

Windows Application Internals for Packaging, Virtualization, Automation and Troubleshooting.
App Interals [Day 1 & 2]
Troubleshoot [Day 3]
64-bit [Day 4]
MSI 5 [Day 5]
Hover Track ID To See Included Days =>|ENG-51|ENG-52|ENG-53|ENG-55

We are planning to add some bootcamp weeks that have more than 5 days of training conducted over a couple weeks - with days off sprinkled throughout.  

Please let us know if a multi-week, with breaks format sounds interesting to you!