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Win32_Product WMI Class Replacement Print E-mail

Using the Win32_Product WMI class to inventory installed MSI products does some very unexpected and nasty things.  If you are using this class locally to retrieve product data we have a replacement that is not only much safer, it is a million times faster (roughly).


Updated: ManifestUtils Print E-mail

Our standard manifest templates have been updated to work with 64-bit EXEs.

CSI_GetBitness.vbs Update Print E-mail

After feedback from readers, this script has been enhanced to be able to sense when it is running under the 32-bit subsystem of 64-bit Windows.  Other improvements include...


CSI_GetBitness One Liner Script to Detect 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Print E-mail

For our BGInfo template I searched high and low for the best way to detect the Windows OS Bits (bit-ness) to display on the destop background.  Here is some script code that does the same thing - the implementation is uber-simple via some WMI code techniques you many not have seen before.

Great Free PE Editor for Internal Manifests (and a Tutorial) Print E-mail

Have you ever need to view, update or add an internal manifest in an EXE?  Here is a tool that is Free, User Friendly, supports 64bit and is kept up to date.

Update: CSIMsgQ.vbs Version 2.3 Print E-mail
This script has been updated to version 2.3.  The updates include the following improvements:

Critical Updates to CSI_ListUACVirtRegKeys.vbs Print E-mail
Some problems with how CSI_ListUACVirtRegKeys.vbs determined SIDs and user names were fixed.
Show UAC Virtualized Registry Keys for All Users (Updated 1.2) Print E-mail

Problem determination can be made more difficult by UAC Virtualization.  This is especially true of registry virtualization.  Since the VirtualStore registry key is specific to each user, you cannot get a global view of UAC registry key virtualization or even view it for a single user.  This script can list UAC virtualizated registry keys for another user or for ALL other users.

An API Monitor That Speaks My Language – Perfect for AppCompat and Application Virtualization (and it’s Free)! Print E-mail

I am an unapologetic WinDbg illiterate.  I can’t read it and don’t understand it.  My 3 GB, dual-core computer can functionally translate any web page I visit into my native human language – does tracing Windows applications really have to be THIS difficult?  Not anymore.

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