Windows 7 Application Compatibility Engineering Print E-mail
We can be your level 4 escalation support for Application Compatibility for your Windows 7 project.  If you have an application that is incompatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7 (whether or not your are doing non-admin users), we will attempt to fix it.  You only pay if your application can be fixed.

Price: Flat Fee Per Application, Pay Only If Problem Is Solved.

This offering includes:

  • A best effort to fix up to five known application errors for a one application using shims from Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit, traditional DLL overrides such as .LOCAL isolation and Side-by-Side (SXS) configuration, compatibility layers, etc.

This offering does not include:

  • General application testing for comprehensive Windows 7 compatibility assessment. You should already have identified the error(s) that your application generates under Windows 7 that you would like us to fix.
  • Fixing of errors that are newly discovered during the remediation process (although if they are easy to fix, we usually can't help ourselves).
  • Test environment setup beyond a standard client Windows 7 configuration (e.g. backend data or SQL servers required to run the application).


  • Request an application compatibility analysis on this website - see bottom of page for instructions.
  • We will contact you to collect the application installer,  setup instructions (for your organization) testing scenario, error messages and any other data regarding te problem. If the error only manifests on your desktop configuration, we may request a virtual machine image from you (that the application is known to fail on).
  • If a software license code must be exchanged to facilitate testing, it will be treated similar to a credit card number - used only to test the application and all records of it destroyed when testing is complete. For your protection the confidentiality and use of license codes for testing is covered in the terms of service.
  • The application will be tested using some or all of these tools: Application Verifier, Standard User Analyzer (SUA), Setup Analysis Tool, Process Monitor (Procmon), Internet Explorer (IE) Compatibility Test Tool
  • Your application will be remediated using one or more of the following: a custom shim database (SDB) containing AppCompat fixes, registry shims (easier to deploy), manifest files, permissions changes, etc.

Results for Fixed Applications:

  • If the application can be remediated, you will be invited to a web conference demonstration of it working on the target platform. Any challenges or errors that were encountered but not fixable will be disclosed during this demonstration.  Any non-standard techniques required to get the application running will also be discussed.
  • If the remediation is to your satisfaction, you will be required to provide credit card payment.
  • You will be provided with all the files and workaround instructions required to implement and deploy the fix. (e.g. application compatibility database files (.SDB), Registry based compatibility shims, permissions settings, manifest files, etc.)
  • If your software is on the commercial market and was fixed using AppCompat shims, we will forward the shim information to Microsoft for possible inclusion in operating system updates.

Results for Un-Fixable Applications:

  • If the application can NOT be remediated, you will have the option to purchase an assessment of what should be done to get the application running. This assessment will include a web conference and a one page report.

To take advantage of this offering, please choose "Consulting Services Inquiry" when completing our Contact Form.