Corporate Deployability Assessment for Commercial Software (ISV) MSI Packages Print E-mail
This offering helps ensure that your Windows Installer package is not a stumbling block for deployment of your software in corporate IT environments. Although the Windows Installer SDK details the rich functionality of MSI, it does not give guidance on how corporate organizations generally restrict MSI or run your install package. The new behaviors of MSI under Windows 7 are also covered under this offering.

Price: Must be quoted individually.

This offering includes:

  • An assessment and report on whether your package can be easily deployed by administrators .

Here is a sampling of the type of questions that are asked and answered in this assessment:

  • Does your installation depend on Windows Installer features or group policies that are most likely turned off in corporations?
  • Does your installation depend on Windows Installer features that are not available on all your target clients?
  • Can your installation be easily customized by administrators with standard MSI functionality?
  • Is your MSI logging data capture optimized?
  • Will end users of your software be able to download and apply patches without the assistance of their IT department?
  • Can your application be deployed via Microsoft Group Policy Softare Distribution Policies (usually small businesses)?
  • Will your package work correctly for all configurations of User Account Control (UAC) that corporations will use?
  • Is your package optimized for changed Windows Installer behaviors under Windows 7?
  • Is your package using any new Windows Installer 5 features that are not recommended?
  • Will you be able to package your software for Windows XP and Windows 7 in one package?
  • What are the benefits of code signing your installations?
  • Does your package unnecessarily require administrative rights?
  • Under what scenarios will your custom actions fail? (Install, self-heal, maintenance install, advertise, install-on-demand, uninstall, upgrade)
  • Are you communicating to administrators how to customize your package in an acceptable way?
  • Are you allowing for the administrator to seperately validate the existence of runtime dependencies?
  • Is your package likely to work will software distribution and desktop management systems?
  • And many more...

Logo Certification

  • IT administrators have long known that a software product's Logo Certification status does little to predict whether it will be deployable in the enterprise. ¬†The Windows 7 logo program does not have setup requirements. ¬†Historically the setup requirements contain in previous logo programs did contain provisions to ensure that the setup would run correctly in corporate environments.


  • Request an assessment on this website.
  • Provide a central contact person.
  • Participate in a pre-assessment interview.
  • The package will be tested and assessed.

Assessment Report:

  • This assessment will include a web conference and a report detailing recommendations on the package.

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