Tracks and Courses
Your course completion certificate will note the tracks and courses you have completed.  Alumni can purchase partial tracks if they have completed the other courses in the track as part of prior training with us.

Chocolatey NuGet Essentials for Automation Pros (PluralSight)
Learn what Chocolatey NuGet is and how it can play a key role in software deployment automation for DevOps or Traditional Ops.

PSH-205 PowerShell for the Enterprise Desktop - Tips, Tricks and Ready To Run Code

It is a getting started course chock full of important details and ready-to-run code samples to help you start using PowerShell on the Enterprise Desktop.
Schedule: 24 Hours a day at your desktop anywhere on the planet.

Windows Application Internals for Packaging, Virtualization and Troubleshooting
Windows Application Internals for Packaging, Virtualization, Automation and Troubleshooting.
App Interals [Day 1 & 2]
Troubleshoot [Day 3]
64-bit [Day 4]
MSI 5 [Day 5]
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Tracks Available Days
ENG-53: Windows Application Troubleshooting Engineer   [NEW!] 1-3
ENG-52: Windows Application Support Engineer
1-2 + 4
ENG-51: Windows Packaging Engineer Update 1-2 + 5
ENG-55 Windows Application Internals for Packaging, Virtualization and Troubleshooting 1-5
Any One Track (3 Days) $1195
Any Two Tracks (4 Days) $1395
App Provisioning Engineer (All Tracks) (5 Days)
App-V Sequencing Engineer (ENG-70)
Windows 7 App-V Sequencing Engineer (ENG-70) [5 Days] $1995 or less...
Apps on Win 7 [2 Days] App-V Sequencing [2 Days] AdminStudio Seq. [1 Day]
CSI-470 is the App-V training that teaches you how to sequence applications, including critical background on how applications integrate into Windows and how to capture setups. The fifth day covers InstallShield AdminStudio's App-V Assistant.
Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit (ENG-60)
Application Compatibility Engineer (ENG-60) [4 Days] $1590
CSI-300 Apps Internals [2 Days]CSI-450 Compatibility Admin [2 Days]
This track teaches usage, debugging, auditing and management of the Windows Shim Infrastructure.  This includes Microsoft's Compatibility Administrator, the Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) and the Windows 7 Compatibility Assistant.  The course covers everything needed to get started with shimming and focuses on shims for running applications under non-admin accounts.
Windows Installer Repackaging Engineer (ENG-30)
MSI Repackaging Engineer (ENG-30) [4 Days] $1495
Deploying MSI [2 Days] MSI Packaging [2 Days]
Our traditional Windows Installer Packaging track has been a favorite among administrators for years. Even if you are planning to virtualize applications, this course applies to the 25% or more of applications that will not be able to be virtualized.