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CSI-471 - App-V Sequencing with InstallShield AdminStudio

This AdminStudio training focuses on the App-V Assistant.  
Prerequisites: CSI-470 App-V Sequencing or equivalent knowledge.


App-V Background Assumed
This course does not cover the basics of the App-V architecture and client, nor repackaging best practices.  If you are not already experienced in App-V Sequencing then you need to take CSI-470 as this background is assumed by this course.

Comparison with App-V Throughout
This course notes the relative benefits and challenges of using AdminStudio App-v Assistant compared to the Microsoft App-V Sequencer.  How to understand the differences in AdminStudio file views.

Performing Upgrades
How to use AdminStudio App-V Assistant to upgrade an existing virtualized application.

Sequencing Setup.exes
How to make an App-V Virtualized application from a setup.exe.  Streamlined workflow for sequencing.

Editing Virtual Application Projects
Editing virtualization projects, including setting resource transparency, feature block 1 build, .

AdminStudio Dynamic Suiting
Learn to bundle runtimes such with your App-V package.  Learn how to allow two virtualized applications to interoperate.

Maintenance and Upgrades of Virtual Apps
Learn how to use AdminStudio to maintain and upgrade virtual applications.

Proof of Concept Lab for AdminStudio Seq.
As part of this course you setup a virtual machine based App-V POC Lab for sequencing and testing packages.  It works on a single machine with no need to setup server infrastructure of any type.  YOu can set it up again at anytime in the future.

Labs & Templates:
  • Sequencing Applications
  • Dynamic Suite Composition
  • Upgrading and Updating
  • Tools:
  • App-V Client
  • AdminStudio
  • AS App-V Assistant
  • AS Repackager
  • InstallShield Editor