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CSI-470 - App-V Sequencing

This App-V training focuses on successful sequencing of applications.  An overview of App-V infrastructure options is given - but the course focuses on sequencing and delivering applications via the App-V client, not on App-V Infrastructure Engineering. Our approach to sequencing ensures your packages are distributable on any App-V Infrastructure option.



Application Integration
How applications integrate into the OS, beyond files and registry keys into special folders, resource protection, services, shell extensions, COM Registrations and much more.

Assessing Virtualizability
For many companies, 25% or more of their applications will not be able to be virtualized - learn how to assess this before hand.  To support non-virtualizable applications, consider taking Win7 LUA/Non-Admin Application Integration Engineer (TRK-60)

Advanced Procmon Profiling
Procmon profiling skills are extremely handy for prequalifying applications for virtualization as well we troubleshooting problems during Win7 compatibility testing, installation, sequencing, application run and in the bubble.

Application Discovery and Capture
Setup and procedures for clean-machine capture of applications, before and after snapshots, cleaning up snapshots, the art of exclusions, virtual machines and reducing capture noise.

APP-V Virtualization Architecture

  • Application Containerization
  • API Virtualization
  • Layered Names spaces
  • OS Integration
  • Editing Virtual Application Projects
    APP-V allows many aspects of your virtualized project to be tuned or customized - learn what these options are and when to use them.

    OS Integration of Virtualized Applications
    What to do when virtualized application needs to install items such as services and drivers.

    Bundling Runtimes and Suiting Apps
    Learn to bundle runtimes such with your App-V package.  Learn how to allow two virtualized applications to interoperate.

    Maintenance and Upgrades of Virtual Apps
    Learn how to use the facilities of App-V to maintain and upgrade virtual applications.


    Take Aways

    Take Home Testing Lab
    As part of this course you setup a virtual machine based App-V Virtualization Lab for sequencing and testing packages.  It works on a single machine with no need to setup server infrastructure of any type.  You can set it up again at anytime in the future (Unlike hosted solutions).

    Portable CSI-Toolkit
    Portable Toolkit that does not require installation - with preconfigured tools and ability to add your own.  Designed and tested for use inside a virtual bubble.

    Labs & Templates:
  • Sequencing Applications
  • Dynamic Suite Composition
  • Upgrading and Updating
  • Setting Up App Capture
  • Tools:
  • App-V Sequencer
  • App-V Client
  • Process Monitor (procmon.exe)
  • Process Explorer (procexp.exe)
  • VMware