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CSI-450 - Win7 Application Compatibility Toolkit

This course teaches usage, debugging, auditing and management of the Windows Shim Infrastructure.  This includes Microsoft's Compatibility Administrator, the Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) and the Windows 7 Compatibility Assistant.  The course covers everything needed to get started with shimming and focuses on shims for running applications under non-admin accounts.  This course does not cover the application inventory and assessment tools in the Application Compatibility Toolkit.


Finding the Compatibility Problem
Multiple methods for discovering the application problem are covered, including Process Monitor, Compatibility Subsystem's built-in API monitor and free, easy to use 3rd party API monitor.

 Methods for Mitigating LUA Issues
  • Change the source code (not covered in class).
  • Shim the problem by preconfiguring PCA.
  • Shim the problem with Compatibility Admin.
  • Reconfigure Windows Security.
  • Mitigation by Shimming
    You will learn to us Compatibility Admin from the MS Application Compatibility Toolkit to shim a variety of related problems that can create problems getting applications to run.

  • Administrator Rights Checks.
  • OS Version Checks.
  • Other Software Version Checks.
  • Windows Standard Folder Redirection.
  • Setup.exe and MSI shims.

    Other Shimming Topics
  • Methods of deploying shims (per-app, Corporate-wide, MSI).
  • Auditing Shim Application.
  • How PCA (Program Compatibility Assistant) works.
  • Configuring shims in setup packages and GPO without using Compatibility Administrator.




    Deploying and Managing Shims
    Learn how to deploy shims and coordinate the management of shims.

    64-bit Shimming
    Learning about shimming 32 and 64-bit applications on 64-bit Windows.

    Displaying & Suppressing the UAC Prompt
    Teaches the many ways there are to display or suppress the UAC prompt including: shims, environment variables, shortcut properties, shell verbs, manifests and scripting.

    It is important that you have a solid understanding of How Applications Work on Windows 7 before taking this course. This content is taught in our CSI-300 course.


    Labs & Templates:
  • LUA Buglight for detecting LUA bugs
  • AppVerifier
  • Comparison Testing
  • Tools:
  • LUABuglight
  • Compatibility Admin (shimming)
  • AppVerifier
  • Standard User Analyzer
  • All tools from CSI-300