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 Windows 7 Application Support Readiness Bootcamp (First two days + 1 to 3 more)
Apps on Win7 [Day 1 & 2]
Troubleshoot [Day 3]
64-bit [Day 4]
MSI 5 [Day 5]
Track Details:
  • 3 Days
  • $1350 USD
  • Delivery:
  • Live Online
  • Overview
    The Windows 7 Packaging Engineer Update gets you up to speed on running and packaging applications for on Windows 7.  As an update couse it assumes familiarity with Windows Installer packaging on Windows XP.
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    Apps on Win7 [2 Days]



    How Applications Work on Windows 7 and Windows 8

    This training course lays the ground work for understanding how the operating system interacts with natively installed Windows applications. This understanding is critical for engineering applications to successfully run under alternative environments such as application virtualization, compatibility shimming, application streaming and cloud environments. This course first covers the Windows Application Environment of the traditional Win32 core up to Windows XP. Next it covers the many new changes to the native application environment that were made in version 6 of the OS kernel that was released with Windows Vista and is in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008.  Windows 8 Metro applications packaging and deployment is also covered.



    Fundamentals of Windows Processes
    Anatomy of a process, Permissions, Loading DLLs and Other Code, Security Tokens, Sessions.

    COM Fundamentals
    COM Operations, HKCR, Tracing COM, DLL Loading, Loading Overrides (.LOCAL)

    Windows Code Files
    Anatomy of EXEs and DLLs, DLL Loading, Editing EXEs.

    Processes for Kernel 6 (Win8, Win7, Vista, Win2008)
    Windows Integrity Mechanism (WIM) Integrity Levels (IL), User Account Control (UAC), Security Manifesting, UAC Virtualization, COM and UAC, Disable UAC, Windows Resource Protection (WRP), User Interface Privilege Isolation (UIPI), Win7: Per-User Applications (PUA), Win7: XP Mode

    IE Changes for Kernel 6
    IE Protected Mode (IEPM), Usage of ILs, Usage of UAC Virtualization

    Application Internals
    The main ways in whch an application integrates with Windows. Environment variables, App Paths, Shortcuts, Extension Mapping, Shell Extensions, etc.

    Windows 8 Metro Applications
    Installation and Management of AppX, AppX Package Formats, Metro Programming Model

    Labs & Templates:
  • Procmon filter templates
  • Tracing COM
  • Replacing internal UAC manifests
  • Virtualization: Detecting, Tracing, Cleaning Up
  • Tools:
  • Process Explorer (Procexp.exe)
  • Process Monitor (Procmon.exe)
  • Explorer Suite EXE Editor
  • whoami
  • AppCompat
  • AppVerifier
  • MSI 5 Update [1 Day]


    CSI-460 - MSI Packaging Update for Windows 7

    This component course brings you up to speed on the new functionality in Windows Installer since XP.  There are both challenges and benefits to the new features in these releases.  This course outlines how to take advantage of the new features in package authoring.  It also discusses the possible impacts on corporate IT software deployment and what steps can be taken during both package authoring and package deployment to ensure software distribution is reliable on Windows 7.



    New for Windows Installer 4.0, 4.5 & 5.0
    Overview of all the new functionality added since the 3.1 release in Windows XP SP2.  Windows Installer 4.5 interim release is covered as well.

    Integrating with Software Distribution
    Ensuring that packages run well with software distribution system as well as user self-serve installations.

    Package Authoring Best Practice
    Package code signing, changes in source files format.

    Deploying Packages to Vista / Windows 7
    How UAC and MSI Elevated privileges compare, differ and interact. Avoiding UAC problems. Windows 7 Dual Purpose Packages for supporting profile isolated software installs. New AppCompat support for packages.

    Managing User Admins 
    The course discusses the Windows Installer issues that need addressing if you will be eliminating XP user admins when migrating to Windows 7.  It also discusses how to configure Windows Installer for maximum control if you will be supporting User Admins for some or all of your end users. Topics include Software Restriction Policies (certificates), Integrated Package Security, Configuration of Pre-4.0 MSI policies and properties that help when managing User-Admins

    Managing Custom Actions
    When custom actions need to be SDK compliant and when they don't. Custom actions in commercial packages. Special custom action compatibility in Windows 7.

    Labs & Templates:
  • Restart Manager
  • New MSI Logging Features
  • Analyzing custom action permissions
  • Analyzing MSI 4.0, 4.5 and 5.x logs
  • Tools:
  • CSI Test Harness Package for Windows Installer 4.5, 4.0 and 5.0 Features
  • Shell Incept Configuration
  • Special .ADMX for Group Policy
  • Log File Analysis and Diagnostics Utility for New Windows 7 Features
  • Tool To Prevent Packages from Running on Non-Company Machines and When Double-Clicked Without Proper Command Line