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Deploying and Supporting Applications on
Windows 64-bit eBook

Our day long live course:

CSI-330 Provisioning and Supporting Applications on Windows 64-bit

is now available as an eBook for $9.99.

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Deploying and Supporting Applications on Windows 64-bit


95 pages as a traditional print book. 
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Mechanics Manifesto: The Evolving Role of the Application Provisioning Specialist
Managing Your Career: Why Windows 7 Is Not “Just Another Desktop OS”
The Future: What Does This Mean for You?
Application Packagers: The Key Paradigm Shift
The Windows 64-bit Powerplant
More Bits = More Bang (usually ;)
Windows 64-bit “Ready” Apps – They Aren’t What You Think They Are
Windows 64-bit Blueprint – Details That Matter
Windows 64-bit Performance – Myths and Facts
Windows WOW64 – Powering 32-bit Apps on a 64-bit Engine
Windows SysWOW64 - Loading 32-bit Windows Into 32-bit Processes
Windows Wow6432node – Registry Magic for 32-bit Apps
UAC Data Redirection on Windows 64-bit
Splwow64 – Printing From 32-bit Apps4.10 Core Apps, Runtimes and Middleware
Picking Favorites - 32-bit or 64-bit Software Editions?
64-bit App Compatibility Shimming
App-V on Windows 64-bit
.NET on Windows 64-bit
Keep Scripts Running Smoothly on Windows 64-bit
Windows Installer and Installations on Windows 64-bit
Developing Software on Windows 64-bit
Engineering Checklist: Look Before You Leap
Reference Information
Summary of New Variables, Values, Folders and Registry Keys on 64-bit Windows
Table of Figures
How to Register for eBook Bonus Materials
Change Log
Thanks and Credits
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This book answers these questions and many more!

  • How does Windows deceiver 32-bit applications into running on 64-bit Windows?
  • What kinds of interactions between 32-bit and 64-bit binaries (EXEs, DLLs, OCXs and other compiled files that contain code) are allowable?
  • Why do I keep finding Wow6432Node in various places in the registry?
  • How can I determine if running processes and compiled binaries are 32 or 64-bit?
  • Why do some .NET applications start having errors when they run on 64-bit Windows?
  • Why are some 32-bit applications very slow when printing?
  • Will a 32-bit or 64-bit execution occur when launching items from background services (like the software distribution service)?
  • When do scripts run as 32-bit and when do they run as 64-bit?
  • Is there anything I can do to force a script to execute as 32 or 64-bit?
  • How are MSIs containing 32-bit software processed by the Windows Installer Service (which is always 64-bit)?
  • Should the 32 or 64-bit version of IE be the primary one?
  • Should Microsoft Office be installed as 32 or 64-bit?
  • What differences are there if I use Compatibility Administrator to create compatibility shims?
  • How should in-house software developers be guided in regard to the 64-bit Windows platform?
  • How should App-V packages be sequenced in a mixed 32 and 64-bit environment?



The following webinar was given by Darwin for Experts Exchange - the webinar covers a small fraction of the eBook + eClass contents.  (the eClass does not contain videos)


The eBook contains a registration link that allows you to obtain the following free bonus resources:

The CSI 64-bit Scripting Toolkit - which includes .VBS, .CMD/.BAT and .PS1 code to dramatically ease the burden of scripting for 32-bit software maintenance on 64-bit Windows.  It also includes shell extensions that make it extremely simple for administrators that make running their scripts in the proper script engine and Admin/Non-Admin context.

The Engineering Checklist in PDF Format - with permission to share it with people in your organization.


The eClass is a set of Add-on materials and benefits that is only available through  If you purchased your eBook from another site (e.g. Amazon), you can purchase this add-on using the link inside the book. 
Lab Exercise Manual (Preview Below)
Over 40 pages of lab exercises that are coordinated with the eBook content (eBook notes which exercises to pause and work on).
Course Completion Certificate
If you've purchased the eClass add-on, you simply contact us and we'll send you a course completion certificate.
$99 Discount On Training
Receive a discount certificate for training at (good for one year, transferrable, cannot be used with other promotions).
Resource DVD (downloadable ISO)
Downloadable resource DVD containing many of the tools and scripts used in other classes.

Exercises Preview


Amazon Reviewers

*****   A Great Software Packaging Resource
By D. Kiser "Brew Master" on September 17, 2012 As a software packager I find more often than not that custom actions and scripting are required to help deployments along. When packaging 32 bit Windows applications for 64 bit Windows systems it is important to understand the pitfalls that can occur when customizing the installations. This book describes how 32 applications work and how the 64 bit resources are manipulated to make them work. Some of the other main topics covered are Windows Installer, App-V, .Net and scripting. The book is easy to read and has links to other useful resources. For those who prefer a hands-on approach to learning about these topics it is possible to order a lab exercise manual to follow along with the book.

*****   A Unique and Indispensable Resource
By Adam Johnson on September 14, 2012 This book targets all the right areas that professional Application Support Engineers, Software Delivery Engineers and Application Re-packagers find useful. The author creates a perfect blend of succinctness and depth for people involved in software repackaging, delivery, and support. There is no fluff in this book. Many authors of titles on this topic will flood you with endless technical details and theory. Mr. Sanoy is able to deliver what one needs to know, offering just the right depth of detail to provide the reader with useful, relevant, and immediately-digestible information. Just reading a few pages helped me resolve several significant outstanding issues at my job and provided me with understanding to boot! This is a rare find that is not a mere how-to nor a dense tome packed with superfluous, technical drivel. A great manual to keep in your pocket. If you prepare software for delivery in your organization, this is the resource you have been looking for.

*****   Great resource for 64bit info
By scott scheuerman on September 13, 2012 This eBook puts together everything you need to know about 64Bit windows in regards to software. It includes tons of tips, helpfull hints and will bring you to speed in a short time. For the price every one supporting 64Bit windows should have a copy.

*****   Indispensable
By Jbuddell on September 12, 2012
This eBook contains over 90 pages of original content, that despite my extensive experience of 64-bit apps and reading on the topic, I have simply not found elsewhere. The explanations are clear and concise, and peppered with real-world examples that raise the text from useful to indispensable. I'll be recommending this eBook as essential reading for all of my colleagues, and for many of our developers.

*****   Great resource for supporting 64-bit Windows!
By PSUAlum91 on September 12, 2012
Have previously taken Darwin's CSI:\>windows application packaging and App-V sequencing courses, so I already know the quality of his product. Since my company is provisioning more and more 64-bit Windows 7 workstations everyday, I figured this book would be a great resource for me... and so far it hasn't disappointed at all.

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(Remember buying here at includes the eClass)

Industry Reviewers

"During Packaging Event in Amsterdam I met up with Darwin Sanoy who runs the CSI Windows training company. Darwin has been a true leader in the packaging and desktop management space for years. As you could imagine, we had plenty to chat about.

One of the topics that came up was the challenges involved in packaging applications for 64-BIT environments. In fact, assessing applications for 64-BIT compatibility  was a key challenge for some of our larger engineering and financial customers and was a key feature of the Windows 7 migration effort.

Luckily for us - Darwin has written a book that will help guide you through the pitfalls of getting applications successfully installed and correctly configured on a 64-BIT platform.

You can buy the book here - I did:

"And for your $9.99 you can choose an e-book and training bundle that I feel is priced a little too low. In fact, for the money, this is an absolute no-brainer for any sysadmin or application packager.  I recommend buying the e-book and training bundle -while the deal lasts!"

Greg Lambert, Founder and Chief Architect of Changebase
Full Article:

"I'd say something like 40 - 70% of organizations are jumping from 32-bit XP to 64-bit Windows 7. In my estimation there's very little reason not to.

But, there are some pitfalls associated with 64-bit Windows and the applications which run on them. So, Darwin came out with this eBook called: Under the Microscope: Deploying and Supporting Applications on 64-bit Windows  .When I reviewed the book, I told him to price it at $29.99, then another $20 for the lab manuals.

But he must have messed up and priced the whole kit and caboodle instead, at $9.99.  Darwin: If you're reading this man, personally, I don't get it. $9.99 is waaaayy too little to charge for all the awesome stuff in this book.The eBook is 95 pages, and jam packed of stuff, I, personally didn't even know existed. So, I love that. Thanks Darwin. Get a copy."

Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP, Founder of PolicyPak Software and
Full Article:

Whether you’re a long time Windows IT Pro veteran or just a junior desktop administrator I want to recommend an eBook I recently purchased called “Under the Microscope: Deploying and Supporting Applications on 64-Bit Windows”. I read a lot of eBooks but wouldn’t drop a blog post of each one I read, but honestly for this eBook I think it’s worth spreading the word. Actually while you might read through it once, I rather consider it as a handy reference that I will most definitely re-use in the future.

The eBook is written by Darwin Sanoy who’s been writing articles and sharing his knowledge on since 1998 and nowadays runs CSI:>Windows (Concise Systems Internals). The eBook provides excellent in depth information every Windows Engineer, Administrator and especially Application Packaging Engineer or Application Provisioning specialist should know about managing their scripts and applications on Windows 64-Bit. In addition to the eBook itself you’ll also get a whole bunch of handy scripts and utilities useful for your daily 64-Bit challenges.

Alex Verboon,  Windows Client and Server Blogger and Community Activist
Full Article:



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