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Testing and Troubleshooting Applications on Win7 with Sysinternals Tools & CSI-Toolkit

CSI-350 provides foundational skills, tools and methods for finding the cause of application problems. Learn systematic troubleshooting and use the Portable CSI-Toolkit to test during application development, packaging or production operations in native and virtual environments.


Systematic Troubleshooting and Debugging
Disciplines and methods for debugging and troubleshooting tough problems. Experience a boost in productivity gain by applying the correct attitudes, principles and procedures for locating the source of problems.

Leveraging Virtual Machines
Manging virtual machines and virtual hard disks to make the most of your testing environment.

Tool Portability
For production debugging and software testing environments - keep from having to contantly re-install your tools.

Post-Compile Orientation
All tools, techniques and methods assume that you do not have the source code for the troubled application. The course is still very helpful if you do have the source code - especially if your code relies on other compiled code for which you do not have the source code (including the operating system).

Recording Results / Audit Trails
Documentation of test and diagnostic information assisted by free software utilities.

Monitoring Common Software Operations
Use a variety of tools to monitor the operations of software. These tools and methods apply equally to virtualized and natively installed Windows Software Applications. Learn to monitor:

  • Loading Code (DLLs/Assemblies)
  • COM Operations
  • Security Permissions
  • File and Registry Access
  • Windows APIs

  • Labs & Templates:
  • VMWare Templates for XP, Vista, Win7.
  • Portable Test Tools
  • Running from USB and network drives.
  • Tools:
  • VMWare
  • Application Verifier
  • Process Monitor (procmon.exe)
  • Process Explorer (procexp.exe)
  • Autoruns (autoruns.exe)
  • Tools
  • Resplendence Tools
  • CSI-Windows Toolbox