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PSH-205 Managing the Enterprise
Windows Desktop With PowerShell
  • 2 Hours
  • $5 USD
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    Putting together a simple PowerShell Script is the easy part... 

    Ensuring that script will run reliably on thousands of Windows machines scattered across the globe is where a little guidance can save you a lot of time!



    Assessment Quiz And Overview
    Our video courses contain an assessment quiz and content overview so you can judge whether they are appropriate for you.

    What Makes Enterprise Desktop Scripting Unique
    The desktop is definitely a beast to manage. There are some fundamental differences in the desktop platform that must be accounted for when scripting.

    Important PowerShell.exe Switches
    Powershell.exe has a set of switches that can be used to control execution of scripts and consoles. It turns out that some of these are exceptionally helpful in making sure that your scripts run reliably on all of your desktop computers.

    Controlling Execution Bitness (32 or 64)
    This lesson and the accompanying ready-to-run code allow the desired execution bitness to be set inside the script and it will always run in that bitness, no matter whether it is called by a 32-bit or 64-bit process.

    Easy Launcher CMD For PowerShell Scripts
    This lesson and the accompanying Ready-To-Run code allow you to specify all these options in a CMD file which can be double clicked in Windows Explorer or launched from links in email.

    Does Your Script Have Admin Rights?
    Figuring out whether your script has administrators rights seems simple and it is, provided that the method employed is to check the process token for admin rights.  Includes Ready-To-Run (RTR) Code.

    Setting Execution Policy on Desktops
    It is important that you set execution policy individually for both 32-bit and 64-bit execution.  Lesson Includes Ready-To-Run (RTR) Code.

    See Inside .PS1 Files Without Opening Them
    After you configure your system to view PS1 code right in Windows Explorer preview pane, even notepad's startup delay will seem like a long time! Lesson includes Ready-To-Run (RTR) Code.

    Config Explorer Right Click For .PS1's and PSH Consoles
    Open Scripts (.PS1) or Consoles (Folders) with or without admin, as 32 or 64-bit and using PSH version 2 or the current version.  Lesson includes a PS1 utility for configuring all the options.


    Take Aways

    Lifetime Access
    Our video courses include lifetime access.

    Living Courses
    When we discover another cool tidbit that might help you, we post a new video and send you a poke about it.

    Ready To Run (RTR) Code
    Lessons that demostrate or use PowerShell code include the same code in their downloads section.  Many times the code discussed is in a form that makes it easy to merge into your own scripts (e.g. a function rather than just a code fragment).

    Ready To Run (RTR) Code:
  • CSI Auto Switch Bitness PS1
  • Easy Launcher CMD
  • Checking Admin Rights PS1
  • CSI Set Execution Policy PS1
  • Set Text Viewer for PS1
  • Config Explorer Right Click PS1
  • Tools:
  • PowerShell (It's All You Need ;)