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The attached file contains a .bgi template for Sysinternals BGInfo and an installation shell script. We use it on the virtual machines for all our courses. It places all the security and UAC details of a Windows 7 (or Vista) machine on the background bitmap. I have seem many threads on the net about trying to get bginfo to run for all standard users and do it without admin rights. Just run the installation script (bginfoinst.bat) in an elevated command prompt and then bginfo will run for all users who login, whether or not they are admins or elevated.

This BGI reports the Windows "Edition" such as "Windows 7 Home Basic", "Windows 7 Home Premium", "Windows 7 Professional", "Windows 7 Enterprise", "Windows 7 Ultimate". It also accurately reports whether the OS is 32 bit or 64 bit and whether the Hardware is 32 Bit or 64 Bit.

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The PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE environment variable contains either "AMD64" or "IA64" for 64 bit - rather than write a VBScript to convert it to x64 or 64bit, I rummaged through WMI. Another method involves retrieving the architecture property of the "Win32_Processor" WMI class. This value reports a numeric value of 0 for 32 bit and 9 for 64 bit - however this is tracking the hardware, not the installed OS. In the same WMI class the "AddressWidth" property contains either "32" or "64" and represents the bits used by the Windows OS. The property "DataWidth" contains either "32" or "64" and represents the bits available on the Hardware. Both of these are reported in the new template so that you are able to reliably tell if you are running 32bit Windows on 64Bit capable hardware. This is a very common situation since much of the hardware shipped in the last couple years is 64bit capable.

Check out CSI_GetOSBits_GetHWBits.vbs for VBScript function that utilizes this same method for detecting OS bit-ness in scripts.

Here's a little "secret" - if you are running 32bit Windows on 64bit capable hardware, you canl run 64bit OSes in VMWare virtual machines running on that system!

Updated: 2010-03-16 to Version 1.6:
- Accurately reports the number of bits for the OS (32 or 64)
- Accurately reports the number of bits for the Hardware (32 or 64)

Updated: 2009-12-02 to Version 1.5:
- Correctly handles XP
- Checks for copy of bginfo.exe next to script
- Checks for elevated admin on Vista and later (Version 6 and later)

Download this file (CSIWindowsToolkit-Bginfo.zip)CSIWindowsToolkit-Bginfo.zip[CSI-Windows .bgi and install script]2 Kb