Money Back Guarantee

Sure we have a money back guarantee - doesn't everyone? 

Money back guarantees are nice, but they don't cover the personal investments you make to aquire and complete training do they? 

You know what I'm talking about - the effort to get training approved, time off your normal duties and the hard week of catch up afterward. 

Money back guarantees also don't cover those situations where your company delays your project or delays your move into a new position.

That's why we have The 007 Guarantee.

The 007 Guarantee

James Bond (Agent 007) has access to advanced lab resources.  Agent Q is 007's crack-shot lab technician who conducts personal, hands on lab tutorials on the advanced tools that give James the edge in all his missions.  The 007 Guarantee is your own personal Q Lab time.

Our 007 Guarantee allows you to schedule one-on-one, online lab time where you receive expert assistance on real problems with an Application OR Windows Installer package running under Windows 7 in your production environment.

The 007 Guarantee: We'll be here for you in the lab.


Any Alumni who reactivates their Alumni Community account receives 250 CSI Points.  These points can be used for scheduling QLABs - effectively making this lab time open to anyone who has taken classes from us in the past.

Please use our contact form to drop us a line and we'll activate your account.

Seats are limited to ensure everyone gets personal attention.