Online Classroom Requirements Print E-mail

The Online Classroom Provides (All Events):

  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) - for two way voice communications.
  • Private Audio and Screensharing - for assistance with exercises, even more private than a traditional classroom.
  • Computer headset - we send you one with your courseware that we know will work with the conferencing software.

What You Need To Have and Do:

  • VMware Capable Computer (Training)
    Windows 7 (32 or 64bit)
    Windows XP 32bit
    2 GB RAM
    25 GB Free Hard drive
    DVD Drive

    ENG-70 Requires: 3GB RAM

    CSI-330 Requires: A 64-bit Capable CPU (Can be running 32-bit XP or Win7).  Please read here for more details and testing instructions.
  • WIRED High Speed Internet Connection Right To Your Computer (All Events) 
    No wireless please - connection latency will very likely affect the quality of your experience. 

  • The ability to Install Java. (All Events)

  • Conference client and VMware running directly on the computer you will use (no Remote desktop or other remote control technologies) (All Events)

  • A System Pretest using the exact computer and network connection you will use during training. (All Events)

  • A Meet and Greet Meeting to ensure that your audio is working both ways (Training).

  • An Identified Backup Location (home office and work office can back each other up). (Training)

Web Conference System Check (All Events):

Elluminate works fine with Windows 7 64bit.
At the System Check URL below, please complete:

Step 1 - Get the required software (Java)


Step 2 - Complete your setup (Visit Configuration Room).

System Check URL

Meet and Greet Setup Meeting (Training):

When a participant has equipment problems it affects the entire class because the instructor must assist them with the problem.  It is critical that everyone's equipment be pre-checked to avoid possible delays for the entire class.

From 10:30am-12noon ET (GMT-5) on the Friday before your course is a special meeting to:
  • give an orientation to the online classroom.
  • verify that your workstation is working correctly.
  • help you complete your Workstation Setup if you have not completed it.
We ask that you make every effort to attend this meeting to ensure that everyone's training experience is a good one.

Online Classroom Clock:

These links open a browser based clock (changes as the time changes) set to the timezone of the class.  Use them to keep synced up with the class:

Dynamically Resizeable Clock (unfortunately has seconds displaying)

Fixed Size Clock without Seconds

Workstation Setup (Training):

When you receive your courseware kit in the mail you will need to complete the workstation setup to prepare your computer to do the course labs. This takes about an hour.

Why These Requirements and Pretesting Are Necessary:

  • Firewall configurations can block or partially interfere with the web conferencing solution.  Some firewalls are adaptive and only cause problems after a period of use.
  • Virus software can interfere with the local portion of the web conference.  If you are using a corporate computer, many times you are not able to make changes to the virus software without help from IT - even if you are an admin.
  • Adding additional remote control technologies to the mix (like remote assistance or remote desktop) can interfere with the steaming video and audio of the conferencing client or prevent the instructor from helping you remotely.
  • Your primary location can have unforseen connectivity problems.