Rich Diagnostic and Mitigation Tools Print E-mail
  • Built-in API Hooking
    Since Windows 2000 hooking APIs have been integrated right into the operating system. This has led to a new generation of powerful diagnostic tools. Sysinternals Process Monitor (procmon.exe) is an excellent example of this functionality and there are many more lesser known tools. These tools enable application problems to be diagnosed that previously would have required a full scale Windows debugging setup.
  • Mitigation Technologies
    Microsoft and other vendors have created many technologies and tools for mitigating application problems without re-writing applications. These range from the under-utilized Application Compatibility Toolkit (AppCompat) to full scale application virtualization (AppVirt). Some companies avoid these technologies simply because they do not have an understanding of how they work. This can prevent the leveraging of low cost options such as the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit.