Outsourcing and Framework Tools Print E-mail
  • Outsourcing Application Compatibility
    Outsourcing application compatibility to a service company is an option that many large companies consider due to the skills and challenges required to test, qualify and resolve problems with applications. Framework tools that claim the possibility of making most applications compatible with minimal effort hold a similar appeal.
  • Proofing The Options
    Even if outsourcing or framework tools prove to be a good solution for your company, you can still benefit from having the internal capability to compare service providers or framework tools. Ultimately this process will boil down the the technical approach taken by the service company or framework tool and if you have someone on staff who is equipped to make those assessments, you will be in a better position to compare solutions.
  • Screening Outbound Applications
    When using outsourcing and framework tools there is frequently a cost per application for resolving problems. If your team is equiped to analyze application compatibility problems, you stand to save a lot of money on simple fixes that you can do in-house.
  • Qualifying & Troubleshooting Fixed Applications
    If you are dealing with a large application portfolio, even the best efforts by service providers and framework tools will yield some results that don't work as advertised. With the rights skills and tools you can qualify applications that have been fixed and you can provide helpful troubleshooting knowledge if you need to run an application through again.
  • Internally Written Applications
    Internal applications that have been written within a non-software company may still require special testing and troubleshooting - especially if your service provider or framework tool depends on a general knowledge base of applications that are commercially available.
  • Long Term Outlook
    Whether using a service provider or a framework tool, you will need to be able to maintain and upgrade applications after the big project budgets are gone. Getting started on these skills means that you'll be in a better position to take over after the initial push is complete.