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Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Monday, August 23, 2010 7:20am

Most books on software testing are not usable by IT Professionals for testing applications in preparation for a new OS deployment.  Usually these books focus on very detailed methodologies that assume the tester is working with a single software application and that they have access to the development team building it.  Lessons Learned in Software Testing is different.

Principle Focused Wisdom Verses

Although Lessons Learned in Software Testing is written to those testing software during software development, it has a lot of wisdom that applied directly to IT department testing of applications.  For instance, it gives a lot of time to the soft skills of managing the testing process.  The entire book is organized into 293 bite sized lessons that are grouped in sections all listed in the table of contents.  This makes it extremely easy to survey the wisdom bits by title and dive into what you feel is most applicable to your situation.

Testing is a Mindful not Mind-numbing Pursuit

Lessons Learned in Software Testing successfully creates a vision of software testing as a very mindful pursuit.  I found this approach very refreshing because in many cases the IT Professional tester is tasked not just with finding problems, but with resolving them without being able to fix the source code an recompile. 

Criticality of Soft Skills

Lessons Learned in Software Testing places a lot of emphasis on the soft skills of software testing.  Some of the soft skills emphasized include:

  • Creating bug reports that create action, not defensiveness.
  • Creating relationships with developers.
  • Understanding the role of being a tester.


More so than any other book I have come across on testing, this one has many nuggets of wisdom that apply to the testing of application suites by IT professionals in preparation for Windows 7 deployment.  Due to the organization of the book it is easy to take a lot away from it without having to plow through lots of information that is not relevant to IT application testing and management.   This organization (293 wisdom verses) lends itself to easily doing a pre-purchase assessment of the book using the the table of contents published on most online bookseller websites.


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