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Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Monday, February 8, 2016 7:52am

So I get the question about the free upgrade to Windows 10 a lot.  I am going to share with you the criteria I use for my own machines in hopes it might help you make your decision.  If you think my criteria is a little overdone, just credit one year of hard experience to each point in the evaluation process ;)



Here's the top factors I consider for whether a specific model of computer should be moved forward to Windows 10 and how to prepare:

  1. Find the drivers and downloads page for your EXACT computer model.  If it does not list Windows 10 drivers, don't upgrade.  First - your chances of problems are higher.  Second your chances of losing functionality because of using "generic builtin Windows drivers" is higher (for example, losing the external video port on a laptop because the specific laptop video driver is not in use).
  2. Even if you have vendor driver support, if the copy of Windows on the machine has been running for a very long time (like over 2 years) - your chances of problems increase.  You may have old printer drivers, special devices, etc that Windows 10 tries to load.  Be sure to consider the increased risks implied by winrot.
  3. Check for Windows 10 drivers for any of your specific beloved peripherials.  I have an external Sound Blaster sound card that is aging - but Creative decided to update the driver for Windows 10.  It is easy to forget infrequently used hardware.
  4. Find and follow any Windows 10 update instructions from the hardware vendor page.  Some will recommend that you uninstall specific drivers or software just for the upgrade, and then reinstall the Windows 10 compatible version of those items after the upgrade.

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