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Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:09am

For the last 8 or more years I have maintained my technical blog at My career focus has shifted a lot since starting that site and it was time to acknowledge this in the focus of my blogging.

The new location is As in the past, some some of this content will be posted to Linkedin as well.

The focus of the new blog is cloudifying Windows. This means focusing on insights and code that help Windows be a better cloud player. It also means focusing on the technologies of Microsoft's Server 2016 release as it is a significant milestone in readying Windows to be better fit to cloud environments.

I hope you'll keep up to date with Cloud Windows by either following me on twitter or subscribing to the feed or email list at:

The new location was also an exploration in deploying a blog with modern cloud and DevOps technologies.

The blog is generated by the static site generator "Hugo" and it is hosted on AWS CloudFront. Static sites have no back end computing - a limitation which means there is not much to hack as the entire site is static files. Static sites can be checked into source control - giving a whole host of "site as code" benefits.

In this case, it also means the shutdown of a dedicated server that was costing over $100/month - to be replaced by about $3/month (after the AWS free trial period). The new site utilizes CloudFront's free SSL to boost trust for Google and other search engines.

It has been the leanest site deployment I've ever pulled off - consuming about 80 hours of weekend time from discovery through deployment.


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