Acresso Expands InstallShield Packaging Suite to Support Output to Three Virtualization Formats Print E-mail
Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 5:32pm
Feeling daunted by the prospect of ramping up for application virtualization?  Acresso has retooled the AdminStudio packaging suite to output to the three primary application viritualization formats.  There are many potential benefits to this approach.  There were three that struck me as very beneficial. 

One is the possibility of reusing your existing AdminStudio packages by converting them directly to a virtualization format.  The second is being able to play with three virtualization formats with minimal effort on the front of learning their specific application discovery processes.  Last, but not least, you still have a traditional .MSI even when your intent is to virtualize an application.  This can be helpful if virtualization does not work out, or if you are using a selective approach to virtualization - only going to the licensing cost of virtualized things that must be virtualized. 

I think Installshield is on to something here, because MSI packages will continue to play a role in the Application Management ecosystem for some time to come.  Radio didn't kill the video star, and the internet hasn't done away with books - in a similar way Application Virtualization is going to take it's slice out of the Application Management pie, but it's not likely to be the whole pie.  It's great that InstallShield is adding virtualization to their strong brand and making it easy for you to make the decision to virtualize (and with what) after you do the hard work of discovering all the pieces that make up a specific application.

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