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Training Updates and Additions
Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:59am

When you step out to take technology training you typically have concerns about being able to truly leverage the knowledge and skills you gain. 

Our 007 Guarantee addresses these concerns by making sure you can apply your new skills and knowledge to real problems in your production environment.

The Failures of Training

From the years I have spent teaching, I have heard many stories about training that was a waste of time and money.

The number one item that can nuke a training experience is poor instruction.  Being an expert does not automatically make one effective at training new experts.  We spend a lot of time on this issue at CSI-Windows.com and DesktopEngineer.com and it shows in the outstanding trainer ratings on evaluations.  You might say the requirements for "making new experts" is a large part of our secret sauce recipe.

When instructional quality is assured, there are still a number of barriers that prevent training from being successfully leveraged by learners - it is those barriers that the 007 Guarantee is focused on.

The Personal Cost of Training

Not surprisingly, disappointment with training comes not from the money spent, but from the much more personal costs involved in taking training.

These personal costs include:

  • the effort and energy required to gain schedule and financial approvals from managers
  • arranging for the handling of your work duties while you are out
  • the challenge of focused intake of lots of new information
  • the challenges of travelling (our training is online, so this one is handled automatically)
  • and the inevitable work backlog when you get back to the job
You probably have a couple things you could add to the list - but the bottom line is that our Money Back Guarantee does nothing to recapture these personal costs that you undertake.

The Barriers To Applying Training

After taking on these costs, there is the ever present risk that your time in class will be far seperated from the practical application of new skills at work.

Maybe because you are busy processing back logged work or maybe the project you were training for is delayed. 

Perhaps you are the type of learner that can't really connect the dots until you can apply new learning to a real world problem at work.

The point is that these and other factors present significant barriers to the useful application of what you have learned in training.

The 007 Guarantee

I want you to be able to leverage CSI-Windows.com training to the fullest - even when the barriers to doing so are experienced outside of the classroom.

The "007 Guarantee" takes the value delivery of CSI-Windows.com training to the next level.

This is accomplished by enabling you to apply the training to real problems in your production work environment.

CSI-Windows.com is in the business of helping you to become the expert at finding and fixing problems with Windows applications.

James Bond, also known as Agent 007, is a world renouned icon of getting to the bottom of problems and fixing them.

Although James Bond is know for being an extremely independent operator, he always has one key support resource.

Agent Q is 007's crack-shot lab technician who conducts personal, hands on lab tutorials on the advanced tools that give James the edge in all his missions.

The 007 Guarantee is your own personal Q Lab time.

Our 007 Guarantee gives you one full year after your training to register for a free, online lab session where you receive expert assistance on real problems with an Application OR Windows Installer package running under Windows 7 in your production environment.

By driving the value of our training right into your daily work, it is my hope that the 007 Guarantee will be a key to your success in becoming the expert.

Darwin Sanoy
Training Manager