Training Schedule
Dedicated Online and Onsite Training Print E-mail

Currently we are focused on an exciting new project to get our training out to more of you!  In the meantime we are still delivering Onsite and Dedicated Online classes.  

details about these offerings and their benefits are here:

PSH-205 PowerShell for the Enterprise Desktop - Tips, Tricks and Ready To Run Code (PSH-205) Print E-mail

This video course is free for a limited time.  It is a getting started course chock full of important details and ready-to-run code samples to help you start using PowerShell on the Enterprise Desktop.
Schedule: 24 hours a day at your desktop anywhere on the planet!

Chocolatey NuGet Essentials for Automation Pros (PluralSight) Print E-mail
Learn what Chocolatey NuGet is and how it can play a key role in software deployment automation for DevOps or Traditional Ops.