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New Rohitab API Monitor: Windows 8 and Saving Traces Print E-mail

I am a big fan of Rohitab API Monitor.  When Procmon cannot pull the details I am looking for, I resort to Rohitab API Monitor.  In fact, I've used Rohitab API Monitor to figure out why procmon would not load!  The coolest new feature in the latest version is saving traces.

Easy MSI Icon and GUID Extraction for SCCM 2012 Application Catalog (CSI_ExtractMSIGUIDAndIcons.vbs) Print E-mail

Are you moving your many packages to the SCCM 2012 Application Catalog?  It can be a challenge getting the icons out of those huge MSI packages if you don’t want to install each one!  Not any more…

CSI_Reset_IE_32-bit_Shortcuts Updated to 2.0 Print E-mail

CSI_Reset_IE_32-bit_Shortcuts now handles all users and the default user - so you can run it from your software distribution system.  It intelligently processes user profiles so that...

Updated CSI_GetSpecialFolderToCMD Print E-mail

The script CSI_GetSpecialFolder has been updated and renamed CSI_GetSpecialFolderToCMD.  It now sports...

CSI_INI2MST.vbs - Programmatically Creating MSI Property Transforms (MSTs) Using an INI File and a Script Print E-mail

Most everyone is familiar with creating Windows Installer Transforms (.MSTs) using an authoring tool.  CSI_INI2MST.vbs allows you to create transforms using just an INI file - or a whole set of INI files!  First let's talk about the usefulness of being able to create MSTs using a script and an INI file...

CSI_Reset_IE_32-bit_Shortcuts - Reset Internet Explorer Shortcuts to 32-bit IE Print E-mail

It is an increasingly common circumstance to hear of individuals or organizations who have had all their IE shortcuts pointed to 64-bit version of IE.  It does not take long for them to realize this was a mistake!  The attached script will help reset the IE Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts to the 32-bit version.

Major Upgrade to CSI_IsAdmin (.vbs, .cmd, .ps1) Print E-mail

The CSI_IsAdmin script kit provides a quick and passive (doesn't try to change anything) way to check for admin rights on XP through Windows 7.  It includes code for VBScript (VBS), PowerShell (PS1) and Shell Scripting (.CMD/.BAT).  The previous version could report incorrect results under specific circumstances.

Supporting 64-bit: Using Registry Links On Your Corporate Software Tracking Registry Key Print E-mail

It is a common practice to have a corporate software registry key for tagging software installations that were performed by an official company prepared package.  Many times these keys are stored under HKLM\Software.  On 64-bit Windows this registry key is different for 32-bit and 64-bit applications - but it doesn't have to be!

JauntePE - Do It Yourself, Robust Application Virtualization for Portablizing Apps Print E-mail

Portable applications can be run without an installation.  Portabilization is the act of making an application run portably even though it was not designed to do so.  Although portable apps are generally used on a flash drive to allow someone to carry their productivity applications anywhere, they can also be very handy for running various IT utility on any server or VM without installation.  This solution is a true hidden gem!

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