RegScanner – Google for your registry Print E-mail
Written by Darwin Sanoy   
Saturday, April 25, 2009 12:51am

RegScanner is a very cool little utility for finding things in the registry.  RegEdit's built-in search functionality is similar to notepad.  Type your search string and keep pounding F3 until you find something similar to what you're looking for.  Lots of wasted time.

Here's some things I love about RegScanner:

  • It's very fast!
  • It does not require admin elevation to run!
  • It's results screen allows you to be browsing interesting hits while it chugs along finding more.
  • It shows you the modified date and time on keys.
  • It has many output options - create a reg file, create a delete reg file, html reports, save to txt as well as copy to clipboard.
  • It has advanced search criteria such as keys modified between a date time range.
  • It can operate on computers over the network (remote registry service must be running).
  • It's portable, run it right from the zip file, the network or a thumbdrive.


It does have a function to go to the registry key in regedit, but I've never had it work properly on Vista SP1. It also supports regular expression searches for the advanced user.

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